Carbon Conversions

"SCRA came in at key times in the growth of this operation with capital and business expertise that allowed us to grow the business."

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Mark Mauhar,  President and CEO

Carbon Conversions is an advanced materials company manufacturing various products from the reclamation, re-engineering, and repurposing of carbon fiber composites. Recycling provides companies a much needed avenue to dispose of excess carbon fiber, however, Carbon Conversions doesn’t see this as the end of the process. The company's mission is to “close the loop” with these companies utilizing CCI’s products to ultimately create new applications and markets.

The company is located in Lake City, SC. They chose that location due to close proximity to sources of materials, distribution networks and access to resources. The overall economic development incentives were superior to other states. 

Carbon Conversions plans to double the footprint of their building, workload and employment in the next five years. 

The company has received investments, mentoring and support services as an SCRA SC Launch Portfolio Company. 

“We help our customers close the loop - we take their decommissioned components, remove the carbon material and deliver preforms and non-wovens they use to make new parts,” said Mark Mauhar, President and CEO.

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